What are the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies?
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Law enforcement agencies are specialized institutions that ensure that the people follow all the rules and regulations. They have different officers employed for various duties and responsibilities. All officers have a set of power in their hand that they use to maintain the discipline and reducing the crime in society. Officers perform various duties such as regular patrolling, investigating and ad county arrestspeople if they found guilty in any unlawful act. They make the cities safe for the dwellers and enhance the ambiance by infusing safety and peace into it. Along with these functions, the agencies also use proper prison directory to track people who are indulge in wrong activities.

Responsibilities of a law enforcement agency

  • They have to safeguard the laws set by the government and ensure that no one breaks the rules. Protecting the people and guarding their property is their duty as ordinary folks depend on them for their safety and protection.
  • They must ensure that each and everyone is following the orders and rules of the government. They help in the enforcement of law and protection to the lives living in different areas.
  • Protection of public property is their responsibility. They have to make sure that no one harms public property such as roads, bridged, hospitals, and other establishments.
  • Stopping crime is another crucial duty of the officers, and along with that, they also have to spread awareness among people and take their help to lower the crime rate in cities.

Roles of the enforcement agency

The law enforcement agencies such as county arrest criminals and clear the unwanted aspects of society. They register all the complaints and react to them accordingly. Different people file complaints to them, and they have to give them a quick response and resolve the issue as soon as possible. They also maintain all the documents and important papers related to each case.


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