How can we find out studs with the help of a stud finder?
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A stud finder is a device used to find studs behind the wooded area or a wooden building. A good stud finder detects the metal suds inside the wooded area, which makes the worker’s life easy and reliable. Usually, you use it when you renovate your house and thinking to add something attractive to the wall like a picture frame, wall clock, or any decorative item on the wall. Then you will need a good stud finder, and it is the best tool to find the studs behind or inside the wall.

Many construction workers, carpenters, and homeowners find that this is the best object to quickly find a suitable location on the wall to hang some decorative stuff.

Types of stud finders

  • Magnetic stud finders- This is a good stud finder use the magnetic power to find the studs because studs are made of metal and metal attracts toward the magnet. Although, when the magnet stud detector comes closer to any stud, it makes some sound and glows. However, there are two types of magnetic stud detector: 
  • Stationary magnetic stud finder: It uses a small magnet to find metal inside the wall, when it comes near to the metal it starts glowing and attracts towards the metal it is just for household use, it is small in size than the other stud finders.
  • Moving stud finders – it helps to find the metal inside or under the earth. It is the fastest stud finder and the strongest.
  • Electronic stud finders- it finds the studs under the wall with the help of electronic sensors that detect the changes under the walls in the dielectrics constants of the wall. It has many features as it can locate the metal object as well as Ac voltages. These electric stud finders come in three other types, which are edge finders, center finders, and an instant stud finder. The instant stud finder is a good stud finder above all, and it is used by the professionals during home construction or renovations.