The Best Egg Recipes Are Not Just Baked Egg Recipes

A few years ago, when I was starting out in the food industry as a Chef Instructor, my cookbook sales were pretty small. My life was mostly consumed with making sure that I would always have enough to feed myself and my family. See more on WordPress.

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This was the real problem – I thought of food as a chore. It was a cold reality of a kitchen where I was working and my time was spent cooking. The next couple of years, I began to change that view.

The change began in earnest with the realization that food issues were part of my lives and that I was in a position to create them. Now, I find myself spending more time teaching new food programs, spreading my wings in new culinary markets, writing recipe and food reviews, being a team player in local food events, writing cookbooks, writing articles, attending conferences and seminars, giving guest lectures and writing about things like food trends for the future of food and technology.

As you can imagine, this has consumed a lot of my time over the past few years. But as the food business has gotten busier, I found myself cooking less and eating less.

One thing I learned is that people are becoming more health conscious, especially with respect to their health care costs, and the restaurant service staff is simply not keeping up. Some restaurants are now offering higher quality food, while others are just pushing the same old hamburger with all the side dishes and adding ranch dressing and a side of French fries.

It’s time for me to get involved in the marketing of high quality food and sell it to the people who can benefit from it. And this is where the Farm Fresh Eggs Blog comes in.

The Farm Fresh Eggs Blog is not just an old fashioned recipes blog. This one is about nutrition, creating gourmet meals, not just dinner but also lunch, breakfast, snack, and dessert. It doesn’t matter if you want to prepare some homemade soups, or whip up a pot of spinach pesto.

The food is cooked using healthy cooking techniques that include high amounts of whole grains, fresh herbs and vegetables. The “farm fresh” element is really about creating high quality recipes that are bursting with flavor, and they taste just as good as store bought.

So, while it may not matter as much for you personally, as a consumer, it matters a lot to me. Having a restaurant where you can eat what you like, for what you like, is priceless. So I am going to focus on creating tasty, healthy and nutritious meals for the people in my community.

And, this is how I am going to do it – make sure that the foods I offer at my restaurant are 100% raw, all the way down to the peel, and all the way through to the last touch of the finishing touch. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you have to buy the restaurant pre-packaged meals because they are selling so well. If you have to eat them in order to survive, then that’s what you’re going to eat, and that’s not good for you, nor your pocketbook.

So, get the Farm Fresh Eggs Blog, get your copy of “Modernist Cuisine: 50 Modern Recipes For Breakfast and Beyond” and enjoy the fantastic restaurant ideas that I have for you. The best part is, I don’t just offer recipes – I offer tips and advice on kitchen procedures and techniques as well. It’s not hard to get started and I guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results!